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The Collapse Of Globalism: And The Reinvention Of The WorldThe Collapse Of Globalism: And The Reinvention Of The World by John Ralston Saul

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Very briefly, I have always enjoyed what I’ve read by Saul and find myself in agreement with him, but having just finished reading this one I can only wonder if his case for Globalism having ended was not several years premature. He seems to underestimate the tenacity of its proponents, and the pusillanimity of its opponents.

But he does to a wonderful job of shredding it… tying it to Mercantilism and separating it from The Invisible Hand. Brilliant.

One wonders when the American Left is going to awake from its Foucaultian delusions to the fact that we are all being screwed in the same way by the same people, and it makes not a damn bit of difference what our gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation is.

That there was nothing inevitable about what happened to us economically in the past 40 years is Saul’s main point. And the fact that the left focused on problems of identity rather than class made it all that much easier to roll everyone at once. The classic Alexandrian strategy of divide and conquer.

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